History of the creation of LeGrand Perfumes

Our Story.

Our story started in Fort Worth, Texas back in the year 2004, where we provided marketing support for many niche brands across North America. While doing so we felt there is a need for a change from the traditional European and American scent making, towards Arabian and Asian art of perfumery. Seeking fresh Asian aromas. This resulted in the first LeGrand Perfumes fragrance, The most desired perfume in the world.

Special Ingredients grown in the Asian peninsular are used in composition of LeGrand Perfumes. They are crafted by award winning legendary perfumers at Firmenich Aromatics in France. These oils are transported to Sri Lanka, where skillfully engineered under the best manufacturing standards at our processing center to create a quality long-lasting perfume.

We are excited and proud to share our creation with you!

Experience compliments. Experience LeGrand Perfumes.